Raving My Faves: April

Hello friends! It is time once again for me to rave my faves! Like I previously mentioned, I love April for the spring vibes. The rainy weather coupled with the blooming flowers, chirping birds and inches closer to summer makes me so happy. There have also been some exciting changes in my life that has…Continue reading »

Musings: Race in reality and the media

Hello all! A lot has been happening, and I am sure that just like me, you have thoughts on the issues that surround us, whether you are in the Caribbean, the States, or wherever you are. This post is just what it is titled: just a Dely thinking of a few things. What you read…Continue reading »

Raving my Faves: March

Happy Spring guys! March has been an interesting one, marking a full year since the pandemic lockdown. It has also been a very busy month, hence the tardy upload. However, a deal is a deal and we can’t truly move on from March without raved faves, right? While we are still hanging in there, places…Continue reading »

Raving my Faves: February

As we welcome March, I can’t help but feel excited! Spring is just around the corner, officially March 20 to be exact. Spring always signifies rejuvenation and revival for me. The snow begins melting, the flowers begin to pop up everywhere, the birds chirp louder, and the atmosphere just seems so much brighter. Is it…Continue reading »

Raving My Faves: January

Hello Friends! Is it too late to say happy new year? It has been a minute but here we are — refreshed and ready to really dive into our purpose this year. Though there were many setbacks in 2020, I truly believe that we have all gained some perspective with which we can approach this…Continue reading »

Transparency vs Vulnerability

“I can be transparent without being vulnerable.” I was scrolling through some comments on an Instagram post when I saw the quote above. I read it, scrolled past it, then scrolled all the way back up to it because I felt like I missed something. I read it again, and bing! Light Bulb came on….Continue reading »

To Those Who Find Themselves Lost

A book review and interview with the Author Hi Guys! It’s been a while, but I’m back and ready to hold hands with you and be vulnerable 😀 This post will be a feature of a book I’ve read that I think you would appreciate, and a short, exclusive interview with the author herself! Can…Continue reading »

When Will It End?

There’s a throbbing ache in my heart today. It is documented that victims of trauma and/or grief express their reactions differently. There are some who become numb to avoid the overwhelming tide of emotions, while others react with anger, despair, sadness, disappointment, shock, even a mental breakdown. The trauma that is endured by the black…Continue reading »


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