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Representation Matters: What it means to have Kamala Harris in the White House

2020 has been a year full of twists, turns and monumental events which always seem to leave us a bit dazed and slightly anxious for what’s next. One of the biggest events to cause much anxiety was the 2020 elections in the USA. While this blog is not affiliated with any political party, nor isContinue reading “Representation Matters: What it means to have Kamala Harris in the White House”

When Will It End?

There’s a throbbing ache in my heart today. It is documented that victims of trauma and/or grief express their reactions differently. There are some who become numb to avoid the overwhelming tide of emotions, while others react with anger, despair, sadness, disappointment, shock, even a mental breakdown. The trauma that is endured by the blackContinue reading “When Will It End?”

A Rainy Day in Ohio

I sit in silence staring out the glassI hear the patter off the rooftopThe soft trickle of running water down an inclineThe roar of the army of drops splashing downThe soft hum of vehicles passing byAnd my own heartbeat I sit in silence staring into spaceI feel the chill of the windThe warmth of myContinue reading “A Rainy Day in Ohio”

Lessons from Mom

Hey everyone! A happy happy Mother’s day to all the mothers and soon-to-be mothers! I love the days where we can celebrate our parents globally, especially mothers day because through so many stories, we see how motherhood is so emotionally and psychologically invested in — that children are perpetually tethered to the hearts of theirContinue reading “Lessons from Mom”

Quarantine Connection

Welcome back guys! I am hoping that wherever you are, you are fairing through this pandemic as best as you can.  The chaos surrounding COVID-19 has everyone struggling to find new ways to cope. Alcohol sales have spiked, the social media apps are seeing an influx of active users through Instagram live sessions and TikTok,Continue reading “Quarantine Connection”

What Can I Expect?

Welcome! I am so excited that you are browsing through my website 🙂 Engaging in a new blog is like starting a new show on Netflix: your friend swore it was the best, so here you are checking it out (*cough* *cough* Ozark *cough*). And I totally get it. This is why this post isContinue reading “What Can I Expect?”

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