3 Tips in Combatting Writer’s Block (or artistic block)

Ughhhh… There is nothing more dreadful to a writer than writer’s block. Especially for new writers or content creators, the ideas seem to be in abundance at first. No idea is too far-fetched; no subject is off limits. Not only do the ideas flow, but the practice flows as well. Your poems flow like DominicanContinue reading “3 Tips in Combatting Writer’s Block (or artistic block)”

Representation Matters: What it means to have Kamala Harris in the White House

2020 has been a year full of twists, turns and monumental events which always seem to leave us a bit dazed and slightly anxious for what’s next. One of the biggest events to cause much anxiety was the 2020 elections in the USA. While this blog is not affiliated with any political party, nor isContinue reading “Representation Matters: What it means to have Kamala Harris in the White House”

Transparency vs Vulnerability

“I can be transparent without being vulnerable.” I was scrolling through some comments on an Instagram post when I saw the quote above. I read it, scrolled past it, then scrolled all the way back up to it because I felt like I missed something. I read it again, and bing! Light Bulb came on.Continue reading “Transparency vs Vulnerability”

To Those Who Find Themselves Lost

A book review and interview with the Author Hi Guys! It’s been a while, but I’m back and ready to hold hands with you and be vulnerable 😀 This post will be a feature of a book I’ve read that I think you would appreciate, and a short, exclusive interview with the author herself! CanContinue reading “To Those Who Find Themselves Lost”

When Will It End?

There’s a throbbing ache in my heart today. It is documented that victims of trauma and/or grief express their reactions differently. There are some who become numb to avoid the overwhelming tide of emotions, while others react with anger, despair, sadness, disappointment, shock, even a mental breakdown. The trauma that is endured by the blackContinue reading “When Will It End?”

Lessons from Mom

Hey everyone! A happy happy Mother’s day to all the mothers and soon-to-be mothers! I love the days where we can celebrate our parents globally, especially mothers day because through so many stories, we see how motherhood is so emotionally and psychologically invested in — that children are perpetually tethered to the hearts of theirContinue reading “Lessons from Mom”

Quarantine Connection

Welcome back guys! I am hoping that wherever you are, you are fairing through this pandemic as best as you can.  The chaos surrounding COVID-19 has everyone struggling to find new ways to cope. Alcohol sales have spiked, the social media apps are seeing an influx of active users through Instagram live sessions and TikTok,Continue reading “Quarantine Connection”

The Analogy of the Safety Pin

I love the analogy of the safety pin because it came to me while I was trying to fall asleep for the second time to no avail. And it just popped up. And I’m like thanks brain, but I wish you had given me this inspiration during the day when I was begging you toContinue reading “The Analogy of the Safety Pin”